Best Yoga Leggings of 2013

Best yoga leggings: Teeki Clouds Pants
Teeki Clouds Hot Pants

We instantly fell in love with the Teeki Clouds Print Hot Pants and we weren’t the only ones. When we shared these cool yoga leggings on our Facebook page, our fans went wild and it was easily one of our most popular product picks of the year. We also love that Teeki makes their hot pants out of recycled plastic bottles.

Best yoga leggings: Onzie

Onzie started off making leotards and tiny shorts for Bikram yoga. Now, Onzie is a full yoga apparel company, with an expanded collection of shorts, capris, tops and yoga leggings in fun and funky prints, like Day of the Dead skulls and peacock feathers. Onzie’s moisture-wicking Free Flow fabric still makes their apparel a great choice for hot yoga, but they’ve definitely transitioned out of Bikram studios and into the fitness fashion world. Our favorite print of 2013: Meteor Shower (pictured, lower right). 

Best Yoga Leggings: Beyond Yoga
Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga went bold and bright in 2013. Their vivid color leggings were a huge hit with yoginis and fitness enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to be seen. We think Beyond’s secret to success is the company’s flattering cuts and fabrics. It also doesn’t hurt that Beyond is a favorite among fit celebs.

Best yoga leggings: YogaSmoga

YogaSmoga’s signature fabric, Aurum, is anti-microbial, provides advanced moisture-wicking, moves with you and it’s made in the USA. We also love that their rich colors are achieved using eco-friendly dyes and guaranteed not to bleed. We’ve worn lots of yoga leggings, but we’re truly impressed with YogaSmoga. 

Best yoga leggings: Teeki Clouds Pants
Best yoga leggings: Onzie
Best Yoga Leggings: Beyond Yoga
Best yoga leggings: YogaSmoga



Where can I purchase those leggings you show?

colors and designs

As the owner of a yoga mat company focusing on color and design, I am excited by all of the new patterns, colors and fabrics. Nice to get away from basic black! Onzie's especially!
Wendy Moore, Aspen Yoga Mats


I agree with Ms. Bell about the sizings. We are not all size 0-6 nor 21, where everything
is still tight in our bodies.
If they made attractive yoga togs for the over-40 set, it would motivate us to get
involved with Yoga which we all desperately need, in my opinion.

Me - I wear pantyhose and men's swim trunks, and in the winter, woolen leg warmers over -
It is comfortable, cheap, and fits my needs, not those of some high-end Yoga clothes manufacturer.

Yoga clothing

Thanks for sharing yoga clothing companies, but I am SICK/FRUSTRATED how these companies size their clothing!!!! Size 12 is considered an XL??? I read articles about yoga being for every body, but these yoga clothing companies, obviously, do not agree. I will not shop those companies. Thank you for sharing all your info. I will continue to follow.

Fawn Bell
Yoga Teacher and Studio owner

Yoga Leggins

Love the yoga leggings, however, I'm a little modest and like to cover my toosh....any leggings with shirts attached??