Russell Brand opens up about his journey with yoga

Russell Brand talks to Eddie Stern for Urban Yogis video series.
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From Demi Moore to Vanessa Hudgens, celebs doing yoga isn't something new. But we at alignyo have been especially moved by Russell Brand's journey with yoga. Brand has used yoga to overcome addiction, channeling his devotion to yoga instead of destructive behavior. He explains how yoga now fills the emptiness he once tried to use drugs to fill. 

In this Urban Yogis video series, Eddie Stern and Brand discuss Brand's transformation from being named "shagger of the year" to introducing the Dalai Lama. We at alignyo find Brand's candid thoughts on being human, discovering authenticity, and honoring presence refreshing and inspiring. 

Watch Russell's Transformation through Yoga video below. Click here to watch him tell Eddie Stern about how he introduced the Dalai Lama in England and here for how he overcame addiction through yoga.

Can you connect with Brand's thoughts on yoga? 


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