Retreat, Relax & Renew


Even if you don’t live in a totally harsh climate, we strongly encourage a little self-TLC at this time of year. And what better way to nourish your body, mind and soul than by going on retreat. Book your ticket, pack your favorite pair of yoga pants and get your asana on with these three retreats—or at least one of them.

Retreat to Tulum with Marisa Sako and Angie ArnoldIf practicing yoga amongst palm trees—with the sound of crashing waves in the distance—is your idea of a good time, then you’re in luck. Marisa and Angie will be leading a vinyasa yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico where the sound of the ocean is the soundtrack to your asana. In Marisa’s words, Tulum is “just a beautiful, laid-back little beach town with great food and sweet people. Really special.” It sounds just that. Dates: February 26-March 3

Eat. Pray. Move Yoga Holiday Retreat with Erin Lewis in Marrakesh: From her love for yoga and her passion for travel, Erin Lewis birthed this innovative concept that beautifully brings these two elements, along with delicious cuisine, together as one. Spend a week exploring the Mediterranean, deepening your yoga practice, eating authentic Mediterranean foods and meditating amongst the magical scenery. In a nutshell: indulge your every sense—simultaneously. Dates: February 26-March 3

Return of the Serpent of Light with Shiva Rea:  As if Shiva Rea alone were not enough, you get to experience the teachings of this world-renowned yogini along with a pilgrimage to Kulkulkan Temple of Chitzen Itza, where you’ll experience the “once-a-year descent of serpent of light on Spring Equinox, the time of rebirthing the light.” You’ll flow, dance, swim, and explore—both Maya Tulum and within. Dates: March 17-24


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