Radical Aliveness - interview Desiree Rumbaugh

Satva Advocate Desiree Rumbaugh
Desiree in Satva’s Sati Cami & Sadiva Mosaic Legging
Desiree in Satva’s Sati Cami

We're always interested in 'the why' behind people coming to the practice of yoga. Sometimes it's strictly the physical need to heal or the mental desire to de-stress. There are however also, the moments of revelation which is what occurred when internationally acclaimed yoga instructor, Desiree Rumbaugh came to the practice 26 years ago. It was during a simple triangle pose that evoked an emotional release of tears which prompted her to delve deeper into the practice of yoga.

“I did not know why the tears were coming, no one had said anything especially inspiring or provocative. As I went deeper into my studies I learned about the Yamas and Niyamas and all of the eight limbs of Yoga. It became clear to me that I was not living my truth. My life was out of balance. The work of coming to a place of abiding joy is challenging. It asks us to wake up, to be fully present and honest with ourselves and others. The work asks us to look into our past traumas, to understand and eventually release their effects, to learn how to be free again- and feeling radically alive.”

Today Desiree tours the world, empowering devoted practitioners to live radically alive and discover that ultimately love is more powerful and stronger than fear. We're definitely integued. Read Desiree's complete interview.

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Featured images include Desiree in Satva’s Sati Cami & Sadiva Mosaic Legging


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