Oil Pulling: The Ayurvedic secret to a brighter smile & easy detoxification

Oil Pulling and how does it help teeth?
Would you add oil pulling to your morning routine?
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Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic technique that is believed to help whiten teeth, improve gum health and remove toxins from the mouth. Oil pulling is a very simple technique that you can easily add to your morning routine and the only ingredient you need is probably already in your pantry: coconut oil. 

Oil Pulling benefits

This ancient technique has extremely powerful effects for devotees. Besides whitening your smile, it strengthens gums and can even improve the texture of your skin. It detoxifies by ridding your mouth of toxins and parasites. It also has been known to be beneficial for those with sinus problems. It can pull congestion and mucus from your throat, helping you to breathe easy. 

How to get started with oli pulling

It is best to oil pull in the morning before you've consumed anything as this is when you can best reap the detoxifying benefits. While sesame oil can also be used, coconut oil is our favorite because it kills the bad bacteria in your mouth and leaves behind healthy probiotic strains.  

To begin, scoop one tablespoon of oil into your mouth and allow it to melt. Then swish it around as you would mouthwash, taking care not to swallow the oil as it will now contain toxins. After 10 minutes of swirling the oil around in your mouth, spit into the garbage can (avoid spitting into the sink as it can clog your drain). Finish by rinsing your mouth out with filtered water several times and brushing your teeth. 

Have you tried oil pulling? Did you start to see any healthy, positive changes from it? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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