Natural beauty Liv Tyler bathes in hydrogen peroxide

Liv Tyler shares her beauty secrets, including taking a hydrogen peroxide bath
Actress Liv Tyler
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Just when we thought we’d heard of and tried every natural beauty remedy in the world, Blisstree gave us a heads up about Liv Tyler’s essay for beauty site In The Gloss about an unusual beauty ritual we’re now dying to try: bathing in hydrogen peroxide to remove toxins.

“I take a couple of baths a week where I use a whole box of Epsom salts and either a bottle of hydrogen peroxide or a packet of baking soda. Equal parts salt and hydrogen peroxide. It makes you sweat all of the toxins out and all of the bad stuff. I learned about it from a hippie-natural-amazing pediatrician, actually, for when kids get sick.”

Interesting, right? Get more of Liv’s beauty secrets here.


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