Nantucket yoga scene

Nantucket Yoga Festival 2012
Nantucket Yoga Festival 2012

Nantucket has a distinct vibration that inspires mindful living as well as creative collaboration, and this summer the island community celebrates the spirit of Nantucket with a midsummer yoga festival. Who can resist classes that will teach us to fly or instructors named Dreaming Bear? Not us. Book this one fast!

Explore a happier, healthier, more peaceful way of living:

Stressbusting 101

The Art of Transcending: A Complete Introduction to the Transcendental Meditation Program. Two world-renowned TM pros - Sam Katz and Andrea York – will help us understand one of the most thoroughly researched, widely practiced, broadly prescribed programs in the world. Delve into the mechanics of the brain, and the subtle principles of the mind and body, and banish your stress forever!

Radiant practicality

The Secret to Radiant Health/Ayurveda: Practical Use in Daily Life. We couldn’t decide between these two workshops so we signed up for both! Lothar Piric and Vaidya Radhika are leaders in the field of Ayurveda and will offer expert guidance. We’ll learn the difference between Ayurveda, and modern medicine, and how they complement each other, receive practical tips to get in tune with nature, and explore a range of Vedic approaches to help us gain perfect health and enlightenment which is, after all, the goal for every one of us.

Fly like a yogi

Learn to Fly: Unnata Aerial Yoga – The Relationship Between the Air and the Floor with Michelle Dortignac. Traditional yoga practice asks students to push into the floor in order to achieve grounding, sending energy from our center out into the space around us. Aerial yoga offers a unique opportunity to experience our energy differently, pulling from the space around us into our center. And since we all have a little bit of Peter Pan envy, why not seize the opportunity to fly as high as we dare?

Nantucket Yoga Festival: July 26-28, 2012


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