Make time to meditate

Make time to meditate
General by Liz Eustace

"I don't have time to meditate" is often the response when I ask people if they practice. And almost always the words are said with stress and anxiety.

I recently read a few lines in Wherever you go there you are by Jon Kabat-Zinn that frames this question of available time with such simplicity, that I wanted to share. 

"If you think about it for a moment, few of us -- no matter what we do or what situation we find ourselves in -- would be unable to free up one or two fifteen-minute blocks of time out of twenty-four hours. And if not fifteen, then ten or five.  

Recall that in a line six inches long, there are an infinite number of points, and in a line one inch long there are just as many. Well, then, how many moments are there in fifteen minutes, or five, or ten, of forty-five? It turns out we have plenty of time, if we are willing to hold any moments at all in awareness."

Thank you Jon! I love this idea and it cuts through any excuse not to practice meditation.

Be bold, take the time for yourself and if not for you, then for those around you who love you. It will bring an expanded sense of time (and ease) into your life. Follow these easy steps.


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