Learn to teach yoga with weights

Learn to teach yoga sculpt classes online with Danielle Diamond Xen Strength

Whether you’ve been teaching yoga for years, or just got certified, surely you’ve noticed the abundance of teachers in your area. Offering a niche class like Xen Strength Yoga with Weights, which appeals to both yogis, and fitness enthusiasts alike, will broaden your reach, help you pack your classes, and earn more doing what you love. Learn to stand out from the yogi crowd from the comfort of your own home with the first and only online yoga with weights training

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Why yoga with weights?

Yoga expert Danielle Diamond discovered that 90% of her students just wanted a yoga butt—so she decided to give them just that. Her Xen Strength Yoga with Weights method incorporates the five key fitness elements within a creative vinyasa flow: aerobic exercise, flexibility, strength training, core exercise, and balance training. Diamond's revolutionary twist on yoga will leave your students challenged, flexible, strong, happy and calm in one shot.

Challenge your students

Yoga sculpt is growing in popularity, and the Xen Strength Yoga with Weights training is your chance to belong to a branded team, with a dedicated member’s site and growing community. Xen Strength Founder Danielle Diamond has sold thousands of Xen Strength DVDs, and is currently training teachers around the world, to fill the demand of people asking for a live class in their town. Be the first to teach this to your students and increase your rate for teaching a specialty class.

A yoga training like no other

This online training incorporates a beautifully designed manual illustrating over 150 poses, with 20 online videos that can be accessed from your computer at home or while on vacation. Created from Danielle’s 10 years of teaching experience, and studying with teachers such as Shiva Rea, Cyndi Lee, Tim Miller, Anna Forrest, and Desiree Rumbaugh, this training is well-informed and researched. Danielle has shared the benefits of Xen Strength on The Today Show, and just finished writing a book with The Zone Diet's Dr. Barry Sears, that incorporates her proven Xen Strength method, meditation and nutrition. 

Want to learn more? Danielle is hosting a free live webinar, focused on five ways to thrive as a yoga teacher, where she'll discuss the benefits of teaching a niche yoga class. Sign up here.


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