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Ashley Turner
Teacher Training by Liz Eustace

Ashley Turner is a yoga-meditation teacher and founder of Yoga. Psyche. Soul.  Her a-ha moment as a teacher is when students truly connect with their minds and body. It's powerful. Ashley wanted to go deeper and went to work on her Master’s in Psychology while completing her 13-month Priestess training. The result is Ashley's ability to translate complex themes into practical tools.With a 20 year pedigree of teaching thousands of students, all over the world, she is now sharing her knowledge of the psyche and the body with her teacher training, Yoga. Psyche. Soul.

An example of Ashley's work is with body image and food. “Eating mindfully increases feelings of self-worth”, says Turner “and deepening your relationship with food will help build and maintain a sense of safety, trust and connectedness with yourself and allow you to fully absorb the nutrients from the foods you take in”.

And how does this help control weight and build a healthy relationship between your mind and body?

Here are a few of Ashley’s tips for transformation:

Massage your food:

Your arms and hands are a horizontal extension of your heart center (chakra). When you prepare a meal for yourself, you literally infuse loving energy from your heart into the food you eat. Ayurveda master Bri Maya Tiwari recommends massaging your food with your bare hands as much as possible and focusing on positive thoughts while you cook.

Play music as you cook:

Send loving thoughts, pray, chant or play pleasant music while you cook. These vibrations all end up on your plate, in your belly and healing your mind and heart.

Make meals social:

Watching TV during meals or choosing unhealthy foods sends a message that you are not worth the time and effort to slow down, nourish, nurture and listen to your body and your deepest needs. Invite a friend over once a week to slow down and make meals social.

Set a goal of 1-2 home cooked meals/week: 

Just as you invite others to share savoring the meal with you, include others in the preparation process and use your food preparation time as a time to connected with friends and family.

Lovingly preparing food and cooking for yourself will increase feelings of self-worth, inner security, grounding and be a ritual to receive the love you give yourself!

Train with Ashley and gain a deeper understanding of the power of a mind-body connection and the psychology of yoga with Yoga. Psyche. Soul.


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