Kristin McGee: Essentials for new yoga moms

alignyo shares yoga teacher Kristin McGee's blog on essentials for new moms
Kristin McGee with her new baby boy.

So how does new mom Kristin McGee balance baby, her career and remembering to feed herself? Lots of planning. In this blog, Kristin shares her essentials for new moms to have on hand.

I never realized how minimal my routine would become until I had my baby boy. I find most nights I’m just so wiped out; and his needs definitely come before mine. I’ve found it’s crucial to have super easy ways to get ready for the day or for bed at night. Here’s some essentials that have really made my life easier as a new mom. 

Facial Wipes–These are a must! I love Garnier’s Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towlettes. I just don’t have time nor free hands to do a full cleansing at night. The towelettes take off all of my make up and removes dirt and oil from my face. On the nights when I can do a full cleansing, I will; but when I’m in a pinch these are perfect. 

Dry Shampoo–Taking a shower scares me these days! I am so afraid I won’t hear Timothy Grayson crying if he needs me. I make my showers super short and wash my hair every other day or sometimes even every 2 or 3 days. My hair doesn’t get that greasy and I find dry shampoo is a great way to refresh it each day. Dry shampoo also gives texture to my hair and helps it hold it’s style. I highly recommend investing in some and using it on the mornings you can’t wash your hair or can’t even get a shower in. There are a ton of great brands now that make dry shampoo, I like Klorane or Aveeno.

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