We got the bead

We got the bead... mala beads
Prayer beads
What’s Hot by Katie Librie

Have you looked around recently in your yoga studio or even the subway and seen women wearing piles of beaded bracelets up their arms?

If your first thought is what are those about and your second thought is where can I get one, keep reading.

They are mala prayer bracelets and they are used in Buddhism and Hinduism to keep your mind clear during meditation.

As you move the string of beads through your fingers you recite a mantra at each bead allowing your complete attention to rest on your intention rather than ‘was that the 21st time I said patience or the 23rd?’ 

Keep an eye on alignyo - more on Mala Beads very soon...  

About the Author

Katie Librie

Past: cubicle hostage

Present: yogi, writer, observer, fitness fan, joy artist and educator at Lululemon

Inspiration: my mom and sister, trikonasana or any good juicy hip openers, seeing elderly couples holding hands, running in Central Park, being at the beach. So seeing elderly couples holding hands at Central Park or the beach is like inspiration overload.



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