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General by Allison Richard

Too busy to eat? Nonsense. When that post-practice hunger hits and we're pressed for time, we opt for juices and smoothies from one of the eight Manhattan locations of Juice Generation. Reflection’s yoga instructor, Joanne Silver, likes the seemingly decadent Peanut Butter Split, which packs a protein punch from the peanut butter and electrolytes from the banana. If you need a refreshing pick-me-up, we suggest the Sunshine Day with strawberries and bananas blended with orange juice and some added hemp protein powder to get you through your afternoon slump. 

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Allison Richard

Present: alignyo Contributor; corporate yoga instructor; kids yoga teacher; anatomy junkie; foodie

Past: Michigan Wolverine; nanny; corporate concierge; reading and writing tutor; yoga advisor, YogaWorks

Inspiration: my family and my boyfriend; NYC and LA- in incredibly different ways; nature and the way it constantly changes; reading; all of my clients who teach me just as much as I teach them


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