Juicing 101: The best & fastest way to infuse nutrition into your body & life

Fresh juice is an easy way to absorb great nutrients into your body.
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There’s a good reason why juicing’s popularity continues to grow among people who have dedicated themselves to a healthy lifestyle—simply put, juicing is the best way to collect massive amounts of nutrients into a cup.

Over half of us have bad digestion, so the easier foods are to digest, the better. If you juice something and drink it on the spot, before it starts to oxidize, you’ll benefit from unparalleled easy-to-digest nutrients. Within 20 minutes of drinking a fresh juice, those nutrients have been absorbed into your body, meaning that in a short time you can really start feeling better.

I drink two liters of juice a day and over half of that is made of sprouts, which are 30 times more nutritious than even the best vegetables. I’m over 60 now and feel much better than I did when I was 20, before I adopted a raw vegan lifestyle where juicing plays a major role.

As you overcome the emotional component of eating your food, you’ll eventually come into the healthiest phase of eating, in which you’ll actually eat less. Juicing is one of the best ways to achieve this result. You won’t need as much food: we eat three meals a day by force of habit, not to survive.

One of our staples at Hippocrates Health Institute is green juice. There are many recipes for green juice, but this is one of my favorites, as it combines two different types of sprouts for maximum nutrition: pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts. For a 20-ounce serving of green juice, simply combine five ounces each of sunflower sprouts, pea sprouts, cucumber, and celery.

Beyond providing your body with excellent, well-rounded nourishment, here are five other reasons why having green juice every day is a good idea. Green juice detoxifies the body: it is very cleansing and assists in the removal of toxins that people absorb every day. It also fosters healthy weight loss and helps alkalize the body, which is important as many diseases thrive in acidic conditions. It strengthens your immune system, and lastly, it gives you more energy because juicing reduces the energy your body needs to digest foods.


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