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It's true; we're pretty lucky over at alignyo. We get to work with amazing yoga teachers, studios and companies that are doing incredible things. Our editor-in-chief Liz Eustace was invited to test-drive a three-day cleanse from Joulebody Wellness and here are the many things she discovered about cleansing... and in turn, about herself.

Liz shares some of her misconceptions about cleansing:

You have to starve yourself to cleanse - I was provided with three-full days of juices, food (all raw) and bars. The bars were a brilliant addition - they provided me with the flexibility to 'save' it for later or eat it when I thought I would break into the proverbial 'mini-bar' to cheat. 

Cleansing is too difficult - I have two young children, run a company, have a team of writers and editors across the country - so when three-days of food arrives at my door - packages, labeled and ready to go - there were no excuses. It is all taken care of - and frankly, it's something you could get pretty used to!

Cleanses taste awful - A Berry Chia Smoothie every morning does NOT taste awful - that stuff is good.

Cleanses make you tired - it's true, the first night I was a little sleepy but after day ONE, I felt these amazing child-like fits of energy. The key for me was drinking a ton of water. By the third night, I was very energized but interestingly fell to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Cleansing is all about diet - the mental clarity that I achieved from cleansing was pretty shocking. I had amazing focus and what was most interesting was communication – very clear. 

Thanks Liz – it’s a hard job over here trying all these amazing classes and services to share with our readers - but someone has to do it!



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