John Friend is back with Sridaiva Yoga

Anusara Yoga founder John Friend returns with Sridaiva via alignyo
Will you try John Friend's Sridaiva Yoga?

John Friend, the controversial creator of Anusara Yoga, is returning to the yoga world once again. John made headlines when accounts of sexual harassment and manipulation inside the Anusara yoga community were made public a few years ago (that ultimately ended up tearing down his yoga empire). He went away for a while and is back with a “radical new alignment system,” Sridaiva.

Co-created by Desi Springer, Sridaiva is an “alignment system for optimizing body-mind posture for all ages -- children to elders, 8 years old to 80 years old and beyond.” Like Bikram, Sridaiva’s Roots asana practice has a set series of poses (54 base postures and 54 advanced postures in a total of 8 sets).

Friend is currently teaching Sridaiva workshops across the country and it’s causing quite the stir in the yoga world. When it was announced that he’d be heading to Yogaview in Chicago, students took to the studio’s FB page to voice their complaints.

Speaking of Facebook, there’s a page dedicated to boycotting John Friend’s Sridaiva Yoga. It’s tagline: “Friends don’t let friends do John Friend yoga.”

We want to know: Would you try John Friend’s Sridaiva practice or do you think he needs to leave the yoga spotlight for good? 


Friend not welcome

Mr. Friend violated one of the most fundamental tenets of the teacher/student relationship. The man is a hustler and a huckster and just because he's repackaged himself under a new cloak of 'Friendliness' provides no evidence that the underlying pathology has changed. Some things aren't forgotten nor forgiven.

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