Jiving with Jiva


I have a confession to make: before I began working for alignyo I had never set foot in the Jivamukti school. Okay, wait: that’s a lie. I had been in there one time briefly before turning on my heels and heading for the door. What was wrong with me? Well, for one, I was intimidated. After all, this was Jivamukti. The Jivamukti: a school I had only heard spoken of amongst the most experienced yoginis I knew. And while I love to practice yoga, I am not the girl in class who is touching her toes at every turn (not that I look around in class to see who is—of course I am only concentrating on myself and my breathing. Of course.) When Liz asked me to check out a class there, I didn’t tell her about my trepidation. So imagine my surprise when I fell absolutely in love with this studio. As one might imagine, there are students of every level in class, and the teachers are an incredible mix of personalities; personalities that they bring into the room to make your time on the mat both informative and fun. Attention beginner yogis: there is nothing intimidating about this place. Enter with an open heart and you will be well received.

In other surprising news, this week I assisted in manning a both at the Jivamkuti BluePrint for Joy event and get the dubious honor of practicing under David Life, one of the founders of Jivamukti. Talk about a 180! At first afraid I was now in a room filled with hundreds of yogis and an iconic teacher. This is what I call an I-am-walking-on-air experience. I feel incredibly grateful to have had such a rare opportunity—and I share this with you as encouragement to check out special events and seek out those rare opportunities (alignyo can help with that!) to participate in the kind of yoga that’s both life changing and community building. When you feel connected—a part of something bigger than yourself—you glow from the inside. I can attest for that.

Big shout out to our friends (yes, they are now my friends!) at Jiva for putting together this gorgeous event—and for making it all appear like an incredibly seamless effort. Unreal!


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