Is it ever too hot for hot yoga?

Is it ever too hot outside to do hot yoga?
Do you do hot yoga in the summer?
Yoga Lifestyle by Liz Eustace

While our team at alignyo has a lot in common, we are divided when it comes to practicing hot yoga in the summer months. When the temperatures hits above 80 degrees outside, some of us, want to be nowhere near a hot yoga studio. You can find us at the pool instead, thank you very much! Or at least practicing yoga in a non-heated room.  

Others on team alignyo have gotten so used to hot yoga that they can barely practice in a non-heated room. "I love practicing in the heat all year around," says alignyo blogger Blair Atkins. "Without it, I feel I can't get as deep into postures because I'm not as loose and open." 

Are you a seasonal hot yoga practitioner or are you of the all heat, all the time variety? Do you consider practicing hot yoga in the summertime to be dangerous? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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yes I think that the hot yoga can be too much for people especially during the summer months I have done yoga for over 11 years now usually the room was about 80 degrees at L.A. Fitness where i do yoga now it is airconditioned in the summer so it is alright. The thought of having the room warmer does not appeal to me but some people are in to that

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