Is hot yoga safe? New research says yes

New research finds that heated hot yoga classes are safe.
Is hot yoga safe?
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While some of us might feel that summer is always too hot for a hot yoga class, new research suggests otherwise. In a recent study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, scientists found that doing hot yoga is safe.  

For the study, researchers took core body temperatures from a group of people aged 19-44 after a 60-minute vinyasa class in a 70 degree room as well as a hot yoga class in a room heated to approximately 95 degrees with 40% humidity. 

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“Surprisingly, no difference between the core body temperatures after the two classes was found. After both, the student’s core temperatures rose to an average of 99 degrees, well below the unsafe 104 degree level when you start seeing trouble, says John Porcari, PhD, an exercise and sports science professor at UW-Lacrosse and one of the study authors.”  

Dr. Pocari is quick to note that these results were most likely helped by the fact that the participants were properly hydrated before attending both classes. He also said that a separate study would need to be conducted to determine the safety of Bikram yoga.

We wanna know: Does this research make you more likely to do hot yoga?


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