Inspirations: Hot off the Mat

Hot off the Mat
Yoga News

Welcome to alignyo's first 'Hot off the Mat' where we wrap up the week's yoga news with stories that piqued our interest. And since we don't usually get to say 'Alec Baldwin, alignyo and Carlos Rodriguez' all had something in common this past week - we thought it might be fun to share.

Let us know what yoga stories you enjoyed:

Alec Baldwin's bold yoga play

... and it's not Shakespeare in the Park. Business Standard reports that Baldwin can see his new wife, yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas (Baldwin) building a 'fitness empire' as a yoga guru. We were lucky enough to interview Hilaria and we certainly agree. She's dynamic, beautiful and...

We *heart* the Gray Lady - aka New York Times

The NYTimes reported TWICE this week about the 'hardcore' classes taking place around the country and in "A Class for Every Yoga Mood",  alignyo had the amazing opportunity to share our view with the writer...

I've got the moves like Carlos... the moves like Carlos

When we see an alignyo favorite getting the shout-outs they deserve, we like to say 'heck ya'. Carlos' signature style Caponyasa is heating up not only the classroom but also the news...


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