How to find your center in yoga

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Do you know where and what your center is?
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What does your yoga teacher mean when s/he tells you to find your center? Our friends at Breathe Repeat explain what the center is and how to engage it when you practice.

In our asana practice, we are falling in and out of postures all the time. We also incur injuries (not yoga-related, of course!). With these perceived “imbalances,” we try to find symmetry and equality in our “new” bodies, and that is where center begins.

But what is center? Is center the force that all of the other stuff revolves around? Is center the place where there is no past and there is no future?  Is center calm, cool and collected?  And in order to be there, do  you have to be all the other places too – maybe even simultaneously?

Rodney Yee recently explained center by asking us to imagine a pencil balancing on its lead point. The more the pencil approaches center, the more equal the possibilities that the pencil can fall in any direction.  So center is a kind of neutral space.  A place where anything is possible.  A place where all outcomes have  equal weight and are equally likely.  It’s a place without preferences or inclinations.

Sounds pretty amazing.  So… how do we find this place?

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