How to do Cow Face Pose & the yoga mythology behind Gomukhasana

How to do yoga cow face pose; yoga mythology behind gomukhasana, cow face pose
General by Alanna Kaivalya

Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose, is named in honor of Krishna. In the video below, yoga teacher Alanna Kaivalya shares how Gomukhasana got its name and also provides tips on how to do Cow Face Pose.

 “When we do this pose in honor of the cow face, we’re actually honoring Krishna. Krishna’s name means all attractive one. Anytime we do things in reference of yoga mythology, we illuminate that aspect within our self. In regards to Krishna, it is the piece of us that people are really attractive to… Maybe it’s your award-winning smile, your quick wit or your awesome ability to give advice. But whatever people are attracted to, that’s the element of Krishna, that poses like this or words like this or even chants along those lines help to bring about.”

Alanna also goes on to explain that “Gomukhasana is a seated hip opening posture and as we take the shape, our legs become the cows mouth and the arm variation, grasping our fingers behind our back, our elbows become the cows ears.”

Fascinating stuff! Watch the full video below. 

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Alanna Kaivalya

Alanna Kaivalya is "the teacher's teacher." She is listed as one of Yoga Journal's top 20 teachers under 40. Her approach fills in what's missing in yoga: mythology. She is anti-dogmatic in all things, and her love of science confirms her spirituality, rather than negates it. Alanna’s vision picks up where Joseph Campbell left off — to empower people to connect with and embrace their humanness. Connect with Alanna on Facebook and Twitter.


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