How to create your own yoga retreat

How to create your own yoga retreat
Create your own yoga retreat
Make your own fresh juices and smoothies
Make your own fresh juices and smoothies
DIY bathing ritual
DIY bath ritual
DIY Fridays

You deserve a vacation, so here's how to plan an affordable weekend of yoga, healthy meals and spa services . Follow these tips from Jacki Carr on how to create a yoga retreat at home and you’ll get all the relaxing benefits of a weekend away while still practicing ahimsa towards your bank account.

Re-treat yourself:

Feel the Flow

Retreats are about the escape from the day-to-day and a deep dive into your practice, your heart and your body. To create a retreat state of mind at home, try a new studio in your area, sign up for a fun workshop or commit to your home practice. Check out our yoga@home section for a selection classes from a diverse range of teachers.

Eat green and feel clean

Kick start your retreat with a juice cleanse; we love BluePrint Cleanse and they deliver nationally right to your front door. Before your retreat starts, fill your fridge with fresh produce and treat yourself to amazing salads and healthy dishes. Save some cash by revving up the Vitamix or breaking out the juicer to make your own juices and smoothies. We love Kris Carr’s Make Juice Not War green drink.  

Magic Hands

It wouldn’t be a retreat without spa services. A deep muscle massage and one hot bath will continue to open your practice and detox your body. Find a great massage therapist or spa in your area or take a note from our book, light candles and create your own bath ritual at home. We also suggest trying this nourishing avocado hair mask and making your own sugar scrub so you'll look and feel better.


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