How to bring summer into your home

How to bring summer into your home
Chrissy likes to bring the ocean indoors in the summer with gorgeous shells and pieces of coral.
Chrissy Carter: How to bring summer into your home
Love this sea fan on Chrissy's nightstand.
Yoga teacher Chrissy Carter shares tips on how to bring summer into your home
Chrissy loves this block-printed linen pillow.
New York yoga teacher Chrissy Carter blogs for alignyo.
Chrissy Carter
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It’s not too late to turn your house into your dream summer home. New York yoga teacher Chrissy Carter has plenty of tips, ideas and Pinterest-worthy photos of her home to inspire you and show you how to bring the summertime indoors.

There’s something about the summertime that begs us to settle in, spread out, and relax. The spring and fall, by nature, encourage us to move through change; we’re prompted to explore and transform within the context of transition. Winter is the time to hibernate, so while we might be nestled in our homes, the focus is on retreating inward to conserve enough energy to burst open come spring. The beauty of summer is that all has already been achieved—the seeds we’ve planted and tended are now ripening before our eyes. Our job is simply to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. For me, summer is the perfect time to practice the art of being.

Summertime style captures that practice beautifully. I love the easy breezy feel of rustic fabrics, beach-inspired decor, and the smell of open space. Here are a few summer design ideas, from my home to yours!

See her tips and beautiful photos here.

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Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter is a passionate student of yoga, both on the mat and in all of the surprising ways yoga shows up in her life, her kitchen, and her relationships. She teaches with clarity, humor, and heart and is fiercely dedicated to her students. Chrissy is a senior teacher and teacher trainer at YogaWorks in New York and is the star of Gaiam's new DVD, Beginning Yoga. She is inspired by many teachers but is currently practicing with Carrie Owerko and a 1966 edition of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking


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