Hot off the mat: Celebrate Memorial Day

alignyo yoga-inspired ways to celebrate Memorial Day
Hot off the mat

Is it just us, or did Memorial Day come out of nowhere this year? If you’re not prepared for the unofficial summer kickoff, we can help. For inspiration, check out 48 of your favorite celebs who love #yoga, dive into healthy recipes and tips for a Memorial Day party and even yoga moves you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help you feel more fit come this weekend.

How to make Memorial Day memorable:

Celebrity inspiration

Need something to inspire you to recommit to your practice? Check out 48 of your favorite celebrities who love #yoga...Britney Spears, Jessica, Jen A, Adam and Russell... to name a few.

Need some diet help? Gwyneth Paltrow’s sharing her food philosophies and much more in her book, It’s All Good.

Healthy Memorial Day tips and recipes

We make grillin’ and chillin’ with friends a priority (after our yoga practice, of course) in summer, but often find ourselves reaching for foods we know we’ll regret the next day. So we’ll be following these healthy Memorial Day tips and recipe ideas from vegan health coach Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul. 

Beach body yoga

If you’re considering not going to the beach over the holiday weekend because you’re not feeling bikini body ready, add one of these yoga videos to your practice. No, we can’t promise that you’ll feel like a supermodel come savasana, but you will burn calories and have more energy.

15-minute Total Body Flow from YourBuddhi

YourBuddhi’s Yoga for a Firm Butt and Strong Legs

Xen Strength Shape Up Yoga Workout


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