Hot off the mat: Yoga for Obama vs. Romney

Hot off the mat
Hot off the mat yoga news
Hot off the mat

October is barely here and the yoga world is already buzzing with news this month. From using yoga to help you get ready for the Obama and Romney debate to eye-opening financial stats from a popular yoga retreat center, here’s the latest news that’s hot off the mat.

Is it hot in here or is it just us?

Presidential yoga

Find a balanced approach to watching this Wednesday’s presidential debate (and the onslaught of media coverage) with yoga. We’re planning on hitting a class every day this week, using these meditation props to help quiet our mind before the madness begins on Wednesday and doing this breathing technique post-broadcast to help relax the mind.

Another touchdown for yoga

Yoga is the new performance enhancement of choice for NFL players. Okay, we’re being a bit sensational, but the New York Giants, who’ve been practicing with alignyo favorite Gwen Lawrence for the last 11 seasons, did win the Super Bowl last year. Check out this article that talks about the relationship between football and yoga and watch this video from Gwen on healthy hips and knees to help you get into peak athletic form.

Retreat! Retreat!

Sometimes, we forget that yoga is big business in America. We didn’t think it was too newsworthy to find out that the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, a popular retreat and education center in Massachusetts, named Richard Faulds as it’s new CEO--then we scrolled down and saw some of the financial stats for Kripalu. The non-profit is close to $3 million net revenue and has almost 500 employees. Who said you can't make money doing what you love?


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