Hot off the mat

Hot off the mat: Celebrate Memorial Day

Hot off the mat

Is it just us, or did Memorial Day come out of nowhere this year? If you’re not prepared for the unofficial summer kickoff, we can help. For inspiration, check out 48 of your favorite celebs who love #yoga, dive into healthy recipes and tips for a Memorial Day party and even yoga moves you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help you feel more fit come this weekend.

3 healthy things to do right now

Hot off the mat by Liz Eustace

Trust us, we know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things, so we’re here to help. We’ve got a delicious smoothie recipe and good yoga news that will make you want to cheer. We’ve even got a rap. Yes, a rap. From MC Yogi. It’s awesome. So keep reading for good news, good eats and a good video to help you have a happy day.

It’s all good:  

Bikram guru ordered to pay millions... who's next?

Hot off the mat by Liz Eustace

From NBC news - this just in: 

The founder of Bikram yoga was ordered to pay $6.4 million after being accused of sexual misconduct in the first of a series of lawsuits against him.

The jury in Los Angeles awarded the money in court Monday and Tuesday while hearing about the lawsuit Minakshi Jafa-Bodden filed against Bikram Choudhury, one of the world's most famous yoga teachers.

Jennifer Aniston's yoga secret

Hot off the mat

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston loves yoga, so we weren’t surprised to hear that she doubled her yoga sessions with Mandy Ingber when she got ready for her role as a stripper. We’ll never have a body like Jen’s—and that’s fine—but we’re all for doing more yoga to boost our health and self-confidence. If you’re looking to kick up your yoga practice to feel more comfortable at the beach, check out Jennifer Aniston’s yoga secrets below.

Follow Jen's yoga philosophy:

Jamie Anderson: Olympic gold medalist and yogi

Hot off the mat

We're always happy when yoga gets a plug in the media and right now, everything in the media is about the Olympics in Sochi. We wanted to say 'way to go' to yogi Jamie Anderson who won gold for the USA in slopestyle on Sunday. Turns out that Anderson used yoga the night before her event to calm her nerves.  " I couldn't even eat. I was trying to calm down. Put on some meditation music, burn some sage. Got the candles going. Just trying to do a little bit of yoga." Well it obviously worked. Here's the keeping calm and yoga-ing on.

Why we're banning Bikram

Hot off the mat

Warning: you may want to take a few deep breaths before you read this because it’s full of controversial yoga news. First, we fill you in on why we’re saying goodbye to Bikram yoga for good. There’s also another yogi (with a famous sibling) in the spotlight for sexual misconduct. Oh, then there’s the story about the woman who was moved to tears because a black woman was in her yoga class. Breathe in and read on.

alignyo in the NYT, and is Lindsay Lohan meditating?

Hot off the mat

Let’s take a break from the holiday festivities and talk about what’s going on in the yoga world, shall we? First, the New York Times reached out to alignyo founder Liz Eustace for her expert opinion on a hot style of yoga. Oh, and which troubled celeb may be cleaning up her act with a little mat time? Get the scoop below. 

Cameron Shayne thinks it's okay to have sex with your yoga teacher

Hot off the mat

Budokon creator and celebrity yoga teacher Cameron Shayne made headlines this weekend when he penned a piece for RebelleSociety on why he thinks it’s okay for you to have sex with your yoga teacher.

Yoga. Mama. Love.

Hot off the mat

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it was only fitting to kick off the week celebrating moms. From Demi Moore reconnecting with her daughter at a yoga class in LA to our picks for Mother’s Day gifts yoga moms will love, check out this week’s hottest yoga news below.

Feel the yoga mama love:

Awesome eco-friendly products for Earth Day

Hot off the mat

So you didn’t volunteer to pick up trash or plant trees for Earth Day. Hey, no judgement. You can show you care for the planet by supporting companies that do good. Organic ingredients, recycled fabrics, sustainable materials and socially conscious business practices – these eco companies are doing their part to protect the earth. Here are 3 awesome eco-friendly items for Earth Day. 

Shop these Earth Day eco finds: