Happy Memorial Day: Healthy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day: Healthy Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day: Healthy Memorial Day
Yoga Lifestyle by Liz Eustace

Forget Thanksgiving and Christmas, Memorial Day is the best holiday. That’s because it’s the unofficial summer kick-off, which means days filled with yoga in the park, hanging outside with friends and just enjoying the sun. However you plan to celebrate the holiday, be sure to follow these tips (and recipe!) from vegan health coach Jenné Claiborne for a fun and healthy Memorial Day weekend.

Make the upcoming holiday weekend memorable: 

Grill healthier

You can do so much more with a grill than just heating up hotdogs. Skip the beef patties and enjoy veggie burgers (like this beet burger recipe), veggie skewers and juicy grilled pineapple.

Skip the chips

A handful is probably fine, but for a truly healthy BBQ, fill you plate with colorful fresh fruits and veggies. They make a much more interesting side to your beet burger.

Drink plenty of water

I've been to cookouts where the water is nowhere to be found! However, it's crucial to hydrate yourself at warm weather BBQs. For every beer, sangria and soda you drink, follow it up with the equivalent amount if water. You'll avoid over drinking, over eating and a hangover.

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Bring a healthy raw dessert

Raw desserts are super easy to make, delicious, guilt-free (well, almost), and very impressive. I love making a strawberry mango crumble with nuts and dates. It's even better with vegan ice cream!

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Get your dance on!

Crank up the music and start a dance party. You'll be the life if the BBQ while burning calories and avoiding over eating and drinking. The more honest fun you have, the healthier you'll be!

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