Meditation bracelets & beaded bracelets


Meditation bracelets and beaded bracelets -- A Healing Jewellry has been in the health and wellness business for close to 15 years. We provide natural healing stone beaded bracelets for Men and Women that brings Meditation, Love and Compassion.

The Healing meditation stones – Blue Beaded, natural red tiger eye stone, Unakite stone, Rose Quartz and black obsidian stone bracelet helps maintaining balanced life while having metaphysical properties of being a powerful cleanser of energy and a protective stone.

Health Benefits of Natural Stones - 

• Enhances Motivation.
• Stone Shields Against Negative Energy.
• Powerful Cleanser of Energy. 
• Reduces Stress and balances emotional body.
• Attracts love and healing. 

Get best and high quality natural stone bracelets at A Healing Jewellry


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