Goal setting tips for yogis

Goal coach Jacki Carr shares 5 goal setting tips for yogis
Jacki Carr
Yoga Lifestyle

On Monday, we love sharing yoga news you may have missed and easy ways to help you have a yogic week. We tapped goal coach Jacki Carr to guide us through how using the practice of yoga and the power of goal setting can bring transformative change to your life. Follow Jacki's five rad tips for a yogi to rock goal setting and get inspired to create your most beautiful life.

Breathe. Flow. Goals.

Create a space

Find a space in the world that inspires you. It could be your yoga mat, a mountain top, under water or in a park. In this space, give yourself time, freedom and love to feel possibility and start to envision your future, big goals and your most ideal life. Be patient and know that this is for you.

Write it down

Set goals that move you towards that big, beautiful vision. Always write your goals down and be sure to use the present tense, affirmative with a clear end date. This way you own your goals and have set up accountability as to when you will achieve them, providing focus and flexibility. Ex: I am a certified 200-hour yoga instructor by March, 2014.

Feel it

Like intentions, bring your goals to the yoga mat. See how they feel in your body, move into them and close your eyes and breathe deeply. Your body always knows what feels right and when. Listen.

Let go

Let go of how it should look and be open to the path that your life will take you, what doors open or which conversation transpires to get you closer to reaching your goals.

Accountability for the win

Ask for support from loved ones and friends that believe in you. Goal partners keeps you connected to the goal and committed to the journey to get there. Together.


I think these are great

I think these are great points and well-said. I think that it is important to celebrate yourself, as you work on maintaining and meeting goals. It helps keep motivation, and reminds you not to be hard on yourself.

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