Glow in the dark yoga comes to West Hollywood

alignyo Los Angeles yoga news: Aura Yoga opens in WeHo
Aura Yoga
alignyo Los Angeles yoga news: Aura Yoga aural sensory yoga
A cabin in the Star Trek Enterprise? No, it's Aura Yoga's studio
alignyo Los Angeles yoga news; Aura Yoga offers glow in the dark heated yoga
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AuraYoga opened its doors in WeHo’s Sunset Plaza last weekend. This sleek and modern indoor cycling and yoga studio boasts a multi-sensory experience for practitioners: “The walls surrounding the studio glow soothing colors during the class.” From Hot Aura Flow to Aura Restorative, teachers such as Claudia Townley curate the ambiance to go along with their class. Get two weeks of FREE classes using this secret code: TryHotBliss.

Don't wait to take advantage of free classes at Aura. The studio offers a variety of power vinyasa, heated flow and restorative yoga classes. We can't wait to check out Aura Breath Experience, a 75-minute class led by healers and shamans that uses breathwork, sound therapy and visualization therapy to help you balance the chakras and let go of things that don't serve you.  

8608 West Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

*Free parking available in the Sunset Plaza lots 


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