Gisele Bundchen does yoga with her daughter Vivian

Gisele Bundchen shares instagram photo of her doing yoga with daughter Vivian.
Gisele doing yoga with daughter Vivian.
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We know supermodels doing yoga isn’t breaking news, but we absolutely adore this Instagram photo of Gisele Bündchen doing yoga with her baby daughter Vivian.

Gisele, along with Miranda Kerr and Christy Turlington, has always stood out in our minds as a model who tries to make a difference. She’s been outspoken about her love of yoga and natural health and is involved with many global charities.

We love this photo. Not because it’s another celebrity doing yoga, but because it reminds us of all the moms out there who do their best to sneak in yoga whenever they can! 

How are you getting your yoga in today?


Source: YogaDork


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