Get to know MC Yogi

Get to know MC Yogi and watch his new video, "Breath Control."
MC Yogi
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A rapping yogi? Sounds like a seriously zen combination. It’s time to get down, dog... I guess we’ll leave the yoga rapping to the professionals. MC Yogi, otherwise known as Nicholas Giacomini, creates homemade beats for the yoga tradition. He released his first album in 2008 with great success amongst the yoga community. MC Yogi is known for being a popular headliner at yoga events, like the Wanderlust Festival. In fact, we ran into MC Yogi at Wanderlust Vermont and got awesome video of him freestyling about alignyo. We’ll be sharing it soon!

His second artistic endeavor, Pilgrimage, is an album all about his spiritual journey to India and came out in 2012. His work has gotten shout-outs from The New York Times, NPR and mogul Russell Simmons. For MC Yogi fans this has been an exciting time, he just came out with a new video for his song “Breath Control” featuring the stylish threads of the brand Spiritual Gangster. With lyrics like “Breathe in, breathe out. Release the stress, just let it all out” yoga just got way cooler.

Check out the video for "Breath Control" below.


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