Get to know Halle Becker, creator of Homegirl Yoga

alignyo interviews New York yoga teacher Halle Becker, creator of Homegirl Yoga
Halle Becker

What could be more NYC fitness than teaching awesome yoga classes and at Soul Cycle? Our homegirl Halle Becker does both, and is known for her inspiring cycling classes as well as her signature class, Homegirl Yoga. She knows how New Yorkers like to sweat, but don’t get it twisted—this is one fierce yogini who has a passion for the practice that goes well beyond just looking good in spandex. She truly is an amazing teacher and we think you’ll understand why once you read our interview with her.

Check Halle out in our "What is Yoga?" video and read our review of her class, Homegirl Yoga

Ready to try a class with her? Email Halle here, let her know you're an alignyo reader and she'll hook you up with a free class at SoulCycle or Pure Yoga. Yep, she really is that awesome.



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