Meditation cuff bracelets

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Meditation Cuff Bracelets by Buddha Groove, a collection of sleek and slender cuff bracelets to center your thoughts. Adjustable to fit most wrist sizes, each bracelet features a mindful thought. Choose one that speaks to you and draw inspiration from its message. Take a deep breath during your busy day with “ breathe" or let go of stress with a deep “exhale”.  Infuse mindfulness into your life as you remember to “Pause” or simply “Be Present”.

Gifts for the meditator in your life.

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Reduce stress.
You know when you're seeing 'mindful' coloring books at the airport, something has hit critical mass. And we're not complaining... if the world is looking to meditate more, we're here to help. We've picked a few of our favorite ways to get into the spirit of meditation.

10 delicious fall recipes with no pumpkin

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Tired of pumpkin everything? You’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t whip up a dish that captures the essence of fall. Check out this round up of 10 delicious fall recipes that have no pumpkin at all.

Fruits and vegetables in season in November

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For the freshest and most nutrient-dense fruits and veggies, eat what’s in season. Here, our pals at Blisstree share a list of fruits and vegetables in season in November. Check it out below.

Eating produce that is “in season” is not only up-to-date and fashionable, but it’s good for the Earth and your body. Obviously, what’s the best and freshest will vary depending on where you are on the planet, but here is a basic guide to mid-Autumn’s hot harvest.

Here are the finest fruits and vegetables “in season” this November:

Healthy Halloween party snack ideas


Planning a Halloween party? Keep it healthy with these healthy Halloween snack ideas from our friends at Blisstree. 

Halloween is practically synonymous with binging, be it on candy or booze. The holiday invokes spirits and also the holiday weight gain season. Thank ghosts we have the internet to give us great healthy recipes that are seasonally spooky enough to satisfy without turning us into the undead.

Here are 10 Healthy Halloween Snacks:

Digital detox: 4 ways to unplug from technology

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In a world where we feel pressure to be constantly connected, detaching from the technologies that we depend on can seem impossible. Studies show that on average, technology users spend 23 hours a week on online communication such as texting, social media and email. That’s a lot of screen time you could be spending enjoying life as it happens!

Essential oils for glowing summer skin + DIY natural body oil

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Summer provides a lot of opportunity to show a little skin. From hitting the beach or pool to wearing shorter sleeves (or none at all), we all want to showcase skin that is glowing and beautiful. Many of us ditch the heavy lotions because we don’t need to hydrate as much… but our skin can dry out in the summer due to overexposure from the sun.

15 Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety

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Easy ways to stay calm and reduce anxiety.

4 tips for doing hot yoga safely in the summer

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Recently, we posted a blog asking if you thought it was ever too hot for hot yoga (even though new research reveals that doing hot yoga is perfectly safe) and discovered that some of you stay away from heated classes during July and August. However, others of you still love hot classes as much during the summer as they do year-round.

3 simple self-massage techniques for the hands, wrists and forearms

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We use our hands, wrists, and forearms non-stop throughout the day, and yogis especially need to spend extra time on those areas since poses from downward facing dog to handstand involve putting pressure on those spots. Fortunately it's easy to relieve some tension and soreness yourself with some simple self-massage techniques. 

Try these 3 simple self-massage techniques to relieve hand, wrist and forearm pain: