Flow Play takes yoga & music to the next level

alignyo reviews Flow Play, Derek Beres' new class for Equinox Fitness.
Derek Beres
Photo: Equinox

Music in yoga class can help you get in the zone, but it can also send confusing signals to your brain, which can effect how your body responds to your practice. 

DJ, journalist, producer and yoga teacher Derek Beres wants to make sure you always have an amazing yoga experience, so he created Flow Play. Beres (the man behind these awesome yoga mixes for alignyo), spent years studying scientific research on how music effects your body and brain while you exercise. The soundtrack for each Flow Play class, along with flowing sequences and a meditation at the end of your practice, create the ultimate physical and physiological yoga experience. 

We caught up with Derek when he was in Chicago to teach Flow Play at Equinox Fitness, and we loved it. With music producer and Flow Play collaborator Philip Steir playing carefully curated sounds and Derek leading us through a unique vinyasa flow, it was a yoga class we’ll never forgot.

Flow Play truly is a modern yoga experience – a challenging vinyasa flow that blends awesome music, meditation and science. We can promise you won’t experience anything else like it. Music lovers, vinyasa fanatics and those looking for new ways to explore their practice will love it. 

Flow Play is offered exclusively at Equinox Fitness


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