Fall Fennel Apple Spice Juice

alignyo yoga recipe: Fall Fennel Apple Spice Cider recipe
Break out the juicer and make this healthy fall fennel apple spice cider.
Recipes by Sarah Miller

One of the most loved and trusted autumn staples is the apple. Apples boast tons of awesome health benefits for our bodies, and they are simply delicious. They are a natural staple for weight stabilization and are loaded with fiber, which both aids in digestion, as well as keeps you full longer. Apples are also a significant source of vitamin C, extremely important for keeping colds away. And let’s be honest, who can resist the natural sweetness of an apple or the temptation of farmers’ market apple cider?

This fresh Fennel Apple Spice juice recipe is a great alternative to apple ciders, which can be loaded with sugar. In addition to fiber-rich apples, this juice contains fennel, an incredible anti-inflammatory and a great source of vitamin C. It also contains stomach soothing ginger, hydrating cucumber and alkalizing lemon to help your body fight toxins and stay in balance this season. You’ll never look at apple cider the same again. Drink up! 

Fennel Apple Spice Juice 

  • ½ of a large or 1 small fennel bulb, leafy top chopped and core removed
  • 1 organic golden delicious apple
  • ½ of a cucumber (peeled if not organic)
  • 1-inch section peeled ginger
  • ½ lemon 

Start up your juicer, and add ingredients in order shown above.

Enjoy! The rich, velvety drink may just have to make an appearance at your next autumn dinner party.

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