Fall essential oils + forest fresh room spray recipe

Fall essentials oils plus how to make your own fall fresh room spray
Bring the scents of fall into your home.
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Bring the fresh, comforting aromas of fall into your home with these fall essential oils, picked by aromatherapist Charlynn Avery. She also shares an easy DIY recipe for a forest fresh room spray.

Diffusing oils for this time of year is not only a way to maintain the vibrant connection to the world outside, it is also a good practice to keep everyone breathing well inside. These fall essential oils can help brighten our homes and can invoke a sensory experience that is very much in line with the time of year.

Some essential oils for fall:


As the seasons change, eucalyptus oil is great to use in our airspace in support of general wellbeing and to keep breathing the way we should. Consider adding a few drops to vaporizers, diffusers or humidifiers. Or, add 1-2 drops to a bowl of steaming water cover your head and take a deep breath.


Brightening tangerine oil is the perfect reminder of sunnier times. Keeping this oil in our airspace is a great way to give ourselves a mood boost on a grey or dreary day.


An excellent addition to cleaning solutions, pine oil does so much more than clean surfaces. If we need to focus or study, this aromatically pleasing oil is a great addition to a desktop or for spraying a room.  

Try freshening up your home this season with this easy DIY room spray.

Forest Fresh Room Spray


Mix oils and water in a spray bottle and mist around the home.


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