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How to use essential oils to meditation - best essential oils to meditate
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Aromatherapist Charlynn Avery shares some of the best essential oils for meditation.

The use of aromas in spiritual practice is not a new concept. For centuries, sacred plants like sage and sandalwood have been burned as incense for cleansing or offering during ceremonial rites and services, or used for prayer or meditation. Oils have been used in anointment (a form of blessing that involves rubbing parts of the body with oil during ceremonies or practice), in healing rituals, and to invoke sanctity and spirituality into daily life. It makes sense that we use aromas in religious practice— they help form strong associations of grace that we can then invoke more readily in less-than-graceful times when we experience the aromas again.

Some great essential oils to use for meditation include:

Lavender – an aroma known to be calming and strongly associated with the upper chakras

Sage – an aroma traditionally used for intuitive practice and spiritual cleansing

Rose – the oil that epitomizes love in all forms and helps us remember the beauty and love that surrounds us

Vetiver – an oil excellent for centering and grounding when we feel scattered or disconnected

Use these oils in diffusion or anointment (more on this in a future post) and let yourself enjoy the aromas thoroughly. Pause a moment, take a deep breath and just…let…go.

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About the Author

Charlynn Avery

Charlynn Avery is an aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia and Frontier Natural Products Co-op. In her work, she travels around the U.S. teaching about safe and effective essential oil use and is passionate about those powerful oils. Her life’s mission is to empower each individual to be in charge of their own health and healing.  

Ms. Avery has spent her career practicing and teaching in the arena of holistic health and wellness as a licensed massage therapist and aromatherapist and currently holds additional certifications in holistic nutrition, Thai massage, life coaching and hypnotherapy. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University and received her additional education through both Carlson College of Massage Therapy and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  

Although she loves natural healing, she loves yoga and spending time in nature even more. An avid traveler both for work and pleasure, she can often be found getting her U.S. National Park passport stamped or reading a good book in an airport as she waits to make her next connection.


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