Eight Angle Pose: How to do Astavakrasana

General by Alanna Kaivalya

Whenever you feel self-conscious about your practice or how you look during yoga, think of the story of the great sage Astavakra. In this video below, yoga teacher and mythology expert Alanna Kaivalya shares the story of Astavakra and the yoga pose named after him, Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose). Alanna also shows us how to safely get into Eight Angle pose.

Find out how this crippled sage became a great yoga teacher and think of this empowering tale to help you stay positive on the mat. 

About the Author

Alanna Kaivalya

Alanna Kaivalya is "the teacher's teacher." She is listed as one of Yoga Journal's top 20 teachers under 40. Her approach fills in what's missing in yoga: mythology. She is anti-dogmatic in all things, and her love of science confirms her spirituality, rather than negates it. Alanna’s vision picks up where Joseph Campbell left off — to empower people to connect with and embrace their humanness. Connect with Alanna on Facebook and Twitter.


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