Easy to achieve health goals for 2014

Easy to achieve health goals for 2014 via Blisstree for alignyo.
Take small steps to meet your health goals.

If you faltered on your 2014 New Year’s resolutions, don’t beat yourself up. Remember that health is ultimately a journey, not a destination and the only way to reach your goals is to get back on track after you slip up. Get started again with these healthy resolutions that are easy to achieve, picked by our friends at blisstree.

Whether you’ve been living shitty and treating your body badly or you work very hard to maintain excellent stamina or a certain physique, let’s make 2014 a healthier year than 2013. It doesn’t have to be the healthiest ever because bodies are fragile, so much can go wrong and we can’t just will eternal well-being onto ourselves. When making achievable goals, it’s all about lowering the stakes and making little changes that might just snowball into big life improvements.

Here are 3 very reasonable and definitely achievable goals to make this year healthier than last year:

1) Drink more water

Unreasonable versions of this goal would be cut out all beverages other than water or drink two liters of water a day. Maybe you do drink water, tonnes of it and nothing else, maybe not, but you can definitely make sure you’re drinking enough. Staying hydrated and keeping my body lubed up (gross way of putting it) is basically the only thing I’m good at, one of my tricks is to drink a glass when I wake up, a glass with any other liquid I consume and one before and after showering. Another easy way to do this is to replace one soda or coffee with a glass of water. If you can’t stand the taste, I know you know how to rectify that (add peppermint, lemon juice, or make spa water or drink seltzer).

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