CJ, German Shorthaired Pointer, Named Top Dog - inspires us to do YOGA with our dog!

Do Yoga with your dog -- DOGA
#WestminsterDogShow - winner :)
Doga sun salutes
Doggie sun salutes
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#WestminsterDogShow -- CJ. it's given us inspiration to do yoga with our dog... or DOGA!

Doga – a portmanteau of "Dog Yoga" - is the practice of yoga with your dog. Say what?

Yep, you can practice yoga with your k-9 bestie - it’s a real thing. Doga incorporates meditation, gentle massage and stretching to achieve a blissful state with your pooch.

Why do such a thing? According to doga practitioners, there are several reasons:

  • Practicing yoga with your dog strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Dogs are found to be more receptive to direction, more relaxed and affectionate after a doga class. 
  • Having dogs around is therapeutic. People immediately relax around their pets. Having pups around during a yoga practice provides a calming experience for animal and human alike, assisting in quieting the mind and finding deeper relaxation.
  • Yoga is great for doggie health & wellbeing. Yoga can have the same calming effect on our pets leaving them feeling blissed out and ready for snuggles.

Next time you want to spend some quality bonding time with you dog, try these four doga poses:

Basic seated posture

Place your doggie in your lap. Breath, chant, massage your dog, begin to center, relax and feel your body and mind begin to calm as well as your dogs. Beginning class in this way helps to sync up your dogs energy with that of a yoga practice – you can feel your dog begin to calm down and settle in which will immediately have the same effect on you.

Doggie sun salutes

Doggie sun salutations are a great way to stretch and massage your dog and get their bodies moving. Staying seated, lift your dogs hind legs to the sky, massaging their upper thighs while stretching their front legs. Next, alternate lifting each front leg, stretching through the back and massaging their shoulders.

Triangle pose

Utilizing the weight of your dog can help to strengthen a pose and can be a fun and playful way to incorporate your (small) dog into your practice. This can be done in a forward fold, holding your dog to create more weight to deepen the stretch or holding your dog on your hip as you move into triangle pose (pictured) – you’ll have to engage those obliques for this one.


Savasana is our personal favorite, of course. Lie back, place your dog on your chest, give them a little massage, relax and breathe. Your dog will eventually snuggle up and settle in and it will be the sweetest savasana you’ve ever taken.

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