Do Restorative Yoga: Less Stress, More Flex

Restorative yoga
Restorative Yoga - Chill-axing
Style by Katie Librie

If you think restorative yoga is just for your grandmother, think again.

Even the most advanced yogis will reap the benefits from a restorative class. In restorative yoga we are given the chance to, literally, catch our breath and let our bodies reset to a more balanced state. Through its extensive use of props like blocks, bolsters, straps, the wall and blankets the body is fully supported and at ease holding poses for an extended length of time. This allows the body to de-stress while increasing flexibility.

Across the country - let’s face it, couldn’t we all use less stress and more flex? A good way to get ready for the Presidential debates coming up.

If you're in the big smoke of NYC - check out the restorative classes at Pure Yoga with Mary Aranas - a master.

Or try this: an @home restorative sequence, check out:

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Katie Librie

Past: cubicle hostage

Present: yogi, writer, observer, fitness fan, joy artist and educator at Lululemon

Inspiration: my mom and sister, trikonasana or any good juicy hip openers, seeing elderly couples holding hands, running in Central Park, being at the beach. So seeing elderly couples holding hands at Central Park or the beach is like inspiration overload.



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