Coffee break: Iced almond milk latte recipe

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Save money with this DIY iced coffee and simple syrup recipe.
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If you’re a coffee drinker, you know that a cold iced coffee on a hot summer’s day is an instant way to feel refreshed and energized. But paying $4 for an iced coffee at a local café everyday can become costly, and all of the unnatural sweeteners and additives that are often found in summer coffee drinks aren’t exactly good for you.

Making that yummy latte at home is much simpler than you may think. Bring out your inner barista and make our vegan hemp or almond milk latte recipe at home.

DIY Hemp/Almond Milk Latte

For the coffee concentrate:

  • 1/2 cup coarsely ground coffee beans (for iced coffee, a medium bodied coffee works best, and produces a yummy caramel body)
  • 1 Tbsp. raw turbinado or brown sugar (adjust to taste preferences, or omit)
  • 2 1/4 cups cold, filtered water
  • 1 mason jar (or any other jar-like container)

Put coffee grounds and sugar in jar, and slowly pour in water. Let sit for 24 hours. It’s a long time, but it is worth it.

After 24 hours, pull using your French press, OR slowly pour through a clean filter in your automatic coffee maker. Using a French press is easiest and recommended, however if you do not have a French press, pouring through a filter will produce the same end result, it just may take longer.

Ice Coffee: Mix 1 part concentrate with 2 parts water. Pour over ice, milk to taste.

Latte: Mix 1 part concentrate with 3 parts hemp or almond milk (or to taste). Pour over ice.

DIY Simple Syrup

This recipe is as simple as its name, and can be used in any iced drink your heart desires.

You’ll Need:

  • ½ cup sugar

  • ½ cup boiling water

Combine sugar and water, and stir until sugar is dissolved. Place in container, refrigerate, and use as needed. It will keep for up to a month.

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