Chrissy Carter: 5 tips to update your home for spring & summer

Yoga teacher Chrissy Carter shares 5 tips for updating your home for spring
Yoga teacher Chrissy Carter shares how to bring spring into your home.
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New York yoga teacher Chrissy Carter has spring fever and she’s sharing simple ways you can make your home feel just as bright, airy and cheery as sunny day.

It's finally feeling like spring! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that the beautiful weather makes my spirits just a little bit brighter. But while I'm prancing around outside in the gorgeous spring sunshine, my home is still in dreary hibernation. Heavy fabrics, dark colors, that musty "can't put my finger on it" odor, and not a sign of nature in sight . . . it's time to bring spring indoors! 

Here are five tips to update your home for spring:

Lighten up

Spring is the perfect time to play with lighter, brighter fabrics. Swap out wool blankets for colorful cotton throws. Accessories in natural fibers like linen, cotton and jute will add a soft texture to your home. I'm a forever fan of Ikat and Moroccan-inspired designs. Creating a lighter backdrop for your life will help to lighten your energy and your mood.


I hate coming home to a funky smell that has no identifiable origin. While throwing open the windows and giving my apartment a good cleaning are always go-to remedies, I've become a big fan of simmering scents on the stove. Simply bring a pot of water to a boil, add your favorite flavor combinations, turn the heat down to a simmer, et voilà, your home smells divine! Try grapefruit peel with mint, orange peel with cinnamon sticks and cloves, or lemon peel with thyme. It's the cheapest scented "candle" you can buy.

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Full bloom 

There is nothing better than fresh flowers. I love bouquets of the same flower or color palette, arranged in a not-too-perfect bunch so they look like they're growing wild in your home. Big spring branches create height and drama. Even something as simple as a single stem in a small water glass can be enough to brighten your day.


A good store will always be rearranging their displays, which makes you think about the products in a new way. You can do the exact same thing in your home! Move familiar objects to a different room and reorganize the vignettes in your home. Everything old will feel new again.


Many of us greet a new season with one or two new purchases for our closets. Whether it's a less expensive indulgence in a trend, or a long-awaited investment in a more classic piece, updating our wardrobes is part of the practice of expressing how we, ourselves, have evolved. Why not do the same for our homes? Maybe it's something small like a new pillow for your couch or updated frames for your pictures, or perhaps it's time to get a new piece of furniture. I use Pinterest to keep track of the things I love (and would love to have)! Your home is a reflection of you; updating the inside can both reflect and inspire how you feel on the inside.

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Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter is a passionate student of yoga, both on the mat and in all of the surprising ways yoga shows up in her life, her kitchen, and her relationships. She teaches with clarity, humor, and heart and is fiercely dedicated to her students. Chrissy is a senior teacher and teacher trainer at YogaWorks in New York and is the star of Gaiam's new DVD, Beginning Yoga. She is inspired by many teachers but is currently practicing with Carrie Owerko and a 1966 edition of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking


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