Chakras & Essential Oils: Balancing the Crown Chakra

How to balance the crown chakra using essential oils
General by Charlynn Avery

Our series on balancing the chakras with essential oils comes to a close with a focus on the crown chakra. Read on for tips from aromatherapist Charlynn Avery on how to expand and balance this energy center.

The strong associations of the crown chakra (Sahasrara) are about spirituality, enlightenment and awareness. If you seek to live a more spiritual and purposeful life, then this is a powerful energy center to balance. This area is all about our ability to connect at the deepest level with our higher power and with the collective consciousness.

With Sahasrara in balance, you are in essence – awake. You can interact at a higher spiritual level and affect change through meditation and prayer. This is also where deep states of relaxation can be achieved through meditation. Some of the associations are with the colors violet, purple or white. It is a symbol of a life that can live on a more spiritual or enlightened plane. Out of balance, we can feel tension, disconnectedness or spiritually void. We cannot become the best versions of ourselves.

Balancing the crown chakra

In aromatherapy, we work around this area with oils that are supportive to brain function and oils with strong spiritual ties. Frankincense is ideal for the crown chakra as it is calming and elevating to the spirit while being used practically for tension, focus and meditation. Also, Neroli can be elevating to consciousness while keeping nervous strain to a minimum. Other known oils for the crowd include lavender, vanilla and jasmine. Aromatherapy is particularly beneficial to the crown chakra as it can easily be tied into a meditative practice.

To support sahasrara with essential oils, diffuse any or several of the above oils in your home. You can also wear these oils diluted right behind the ears or around the base of the head for closer influence. Visit Aura Cacia for recipes and more tips to support your chakras.

About the Author

Charlynn Avery

Charlynn Avery is an aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia and Frontier Natural Products Co-op. In her work, she travels around the U.S. teaching about safe and effective essential oil use and is passionate about those powerful oils. Her life’s mission is to empower each individual to be in charge of their own health and healing.  

Ms. Avery has spent her career practicing and teaching in the arena of holistic health and wellness as a licensed massage therapist and aromatherapist and currently holds additional certifications in holistic nutrition, Thai massage, life coaching and hypnotherapy. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University and received her additional education through both Carlson College of Massage Therapy and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  

Although she loves natural healing, she loves yoga and spending time in nature even more. An avid traveler both for work and pleasure, she can often be found getting her U.S. National Park passport stamped or reading a good book in an airport as she waits to make her next connection.


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