Chakras & Essential Oils: Balancing the Third Eye Chakra

alignyo explains how to balance your third eye chakra with essential oils
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Get a deeper connection to your intuition. Find out how to balance your third eye chakra using essential oils with these tips from Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery.

Vision and intuition are hallmarks of the third eye chakra (ajna). If you seek to expand not only your perspective but your perception, then this powerful energy center should be one to focus on. This area is all about our ability to close our eyes, while still maintaining a vision that goes beyond the sense of sight. The third eye chakra, located at the base of the neck, is area that links our inner and outer senses.

With ajna in balance, you are your most intuitive, visionary self. You can perceive the world with a deeper sense of knowledge than what just hovers at the surface. This is where powerful meditative visions emerge with practice and your ability to expand beyond the material is enhanced. The third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo and the element of light. It is the symbol of all that is known intuitively and sometimes clairvoyantly. Out of balance, we can feel physical pain in the form of headaches or vision problems, or can have disturbing visions, dreams or hallucinations.

In aromatherapy, we work around this area with oils that are supportive to brain function and oils with strong spiritual ties. Rosemary – a known oil for mental clarity and focus – is ideal for the third eye. Also, German Chamomile can be calming and protective to those who are highly sensitive. Vanilla is an aroma that is calming to the mind while Frankincense is calming and elevating to the spirit.

To support the ajna with essential oils, diffuse any or several of the above oils in your home. You can also wear these oils diluted right on the third eye or around the head for closer influence.   

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Charlynn Avery

Charlynn Avery is an aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia and Frontier Natural Products Co-op. In her work, she travels around the U.S. teaching about safe and effective essential oil use and is passionate about those powerful oils. Her life’s mission is to empower each individual to be in charge of their own health and healing.  

Ms. Avery has spent her career practicing and teaching in the arena of holistic health and wellness as a licensed massage therapist and aromatherapist and currently holds additional certifications in holistic nutrition, Thai massage, life coaching and hypnotherapy. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University and received her additional education through both Carlson College of Massage Therapy and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  

Although she loves natural healing, she loves yoga and spending time in nature even more. An avid traveler both for work and pleasure, she can often be found getting her U.S. National Park passport stamped or reading a good book in an airport as she waits to make her next connection.


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