Add some green to your living space. Read this article on why house plant are healthy (and which are best, even if don’t have a green thumb) from Blisstree. 

In the dead of winter, we could all use a little greenery in our lives. Especially because houseplants aren’t just pleasing to the eye; they’re also good for your health. Basically, houseplants are great for two things: Your lungs, and your mind.

House Plants Clean The Air

There have been several studies that examine how houseplants can actually help filter and clean the air in our homes. One notable study, by NASA (yes, that NASA), found that common houseplants are a great way to filter and clean the air in small, enclosed spaces. Another study, from 2009, found that indoor plants can remove formaldehyde and other toxins from the environment. In order to get these air-filtering benefits, the NASA study suggests having one 10- to 12-inch potted plant per 100 square foot of room.

House Plants Are Good For Mental Health

According to Nicole Cavender, plant ecologist with The Morton Arboretum,

Plants in living spaces have also been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase attentiveness, increase productivity, and lower anxiety.

 The Best House Plants To Choose 

Think you can’t have plants because you don’t have a green thumb? That’s not necessarily true…it’s all about the plants you chose.

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