Are these foods ruining your skin?

alignyo lifestyle news: Foods that can cause acne

Can’t seem to get clear skin no matter what you do? It might be your diet. This post from Blisstree calls out foods that can give you acne. 

According to scientific speculation, here are the worst foods for your complexion:

Refined Carbs

Shocking. Just kidding, not shocking even a little bit. According to Dr. Francesca Fusco:

“A diet with a high glycemic index – basically, processed foods like bread and refined grains that are quickly broken down into sugar – can have a terrible effect on skin,”

This next bit actually did shock me: the greasy fried foods that cause acne, make you break out from processed carbs and not from fat.

Theoretically, refined carbohydrates cause spikes in insulin levels which hikes up your sebum and clogs your pores.


Many dermatologists and skin experts support the idea that dairy can cause breakouts. The reason why is still unclear, but many specialists theorize that the hormones in milk cause oil production to amp up.

Diet Soda

The aspartame and artificual sweeteners in diet soda have been linked to lowering your skin’s natural pH. Our bods need high levels of alkalinity in order to be healthy and look fresh.

This is mostly irritating information. I don’t drink diet soda, but grilled cheese sandwiches are tantamount to pure happiness as far as I’m concerned.

Read the full article at Blisstree.



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