October 2016

Healthy Halloween party snack ideas


Planning a Halloween party? Keep it healthy with these healthy Halloween snack ideas from our friends at Blisstree. 

Halloween is practically synonymous with binging, be it on candy or booze. The holiday invokes spirits and also the holiday weight gain season. Thank ghosts we have the internet to give us great healthy recipes that are seasonally spooky enough to satisfy without turning us into the undead.

Here are 10 Healthy Halloween Snacks:

Digital detox: 4 ways to unplug from technology

General by Ally Garner

In a world where we feel pressure to be constantly connected, detaching from the technologies that we depend on can seem impossible. Studies show that on average, technology users spend 23 hours a week on online communication such as texting, social media and email. That’s a lot of screen time you could be spending enjoying life as it happens!